We are Cloaked Goof

Awesome picture of triglavian ships bashing a structure in Eve.

Welcome to the best close-knit gaming community in eve!

Rule 16 : If you fail in epic proportions, It may just become a winning failure!

We were resurected in 2017. Proud members of the Imperium since 2018.

What we offer

learning cap



Massive Fleet fights

gaming controller

Gaming Community


Null Sec Mining


Lots of laughs



Awesome picture of Goonswarm sitting on a titan.

How to join

Please join our discord's interview lobby and ping @recruiter. We will be happy to assist you with your application, and look forward to talking with you! We require Omega status, 5 fleets per month, ability to use voice communications, and you must maitain complaince with all corp and alliance auth methods.

Corp Discord Server Link